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Position:Corporate management trainer

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  • Workplace : BeiJing
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  • Release Date : 2012-03-05
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Job content:

 (1) provide customers with the human resource management, marketing management and corporate culture-related business management consulting services.
2 can grasp through the exchange of customer demand, Prepared project proposals, business diagnostic report, solutions are designed to explain, training and promotion;
Combining the actual situation of the client companies to assist in the implementation.
 Job requirements: (1) a profound understanding of the insights and independent operational capability of the management consulting industry, to understand a variety of management consulting tools and methodologies; in a particular industry or field of expertise.
2. Excellent planning, organization, coordination and implementation capacity, good communication skills, analysis and problem-solving abilities.
(3) to control the text and copywriting ability.
4 more than five years counseling or training experience, IT, management and other professional background and work experience.

If you are interested in our position, and meet our basic requirements, please send your resume to, or contact us directly!

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