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The purpose and significance of the Enterprise Management Consulting

1 The purpose of the management consulting
It is to fundamentally improve the quality of enterprises, improve the operational mechanism of enterprises, enhance the environment of dynamic adaptability. Deep level up to investigate, not only directly enhance economic efficiency and management level, is more important for an enterprise, regardless of its survival and development, in the final analysis, depends on whether a company can form a target is correct, adaptable operating mechanism. Management consulting fundamental purpose is to make the enterprise management system, self-direct problem, identify the causes and the continuous optimization of enterprise management mechanism, so that the entire business operation to form a virtuous cycle.

2, the significance of the enterprise management consulting
(1) improve the management level and economic
Management consulting to implementation of China's economic construction guidelines in order to improve an important part of economic efficiency ". Analysis According to statistics, nearly 40% of the loss of state-owned enterprises, of which 80% is due to mismanagement, and so improve enterprise management level is a very important measure to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises; and management consulting for different enterprises. principal contradiction, that the proposed improvement measures to achieve the purpose of improving economic efficiency.

(2) to implement to make an inventory of the stock and the best combination of factors of production
Management consulting for a business not only to improve the economic efficiency of an enterprise, an enterprise is not isolated in the socio-economic activities, so as to improve the national economy as a whole benefits, you also need the relations of the enterprise between analysis, you may want to make structural adjustments, including adjustment of industrial structure, product structure adjustment, the real implementation revitalize the stock of the implementation of the restructuring of the factors of production and implementing the optimal allocation, management consulting is a good means.

(3) to achieve two fundamental transformations "
The CPC Central Committee proposed by the enterprise "two fundamental transformations" and "three changes to strengthen the management consulting work opportunities. Management consulting work is to play its due role. Through our many years of management consulting practice, "two fundamental transformations and three changes to strengthen the real implementation of the enterprise, regardless of the organizational structure of enterprises and enterprises of each professional management, such as production, marketing, financial cost, etc., there are a lot of detailed work to do. These meticulous work by the management consulting to achieve.

(4) consulting industry should be developed as an industry
The birth of the management consulting with the economic development, management consulting, development and promoting economic development, economic development and promote the development of management consulting. Therefore, the development of a country's economic development and management consulting are complementary. Management consulting so significant at the NPC session, Premier Platform for the "target" should be consulting industry as an industry to be developed is a very important practical significance. Industry marketing management training institutions in three orders of special education - vocational training, a rising star, was established in 2008, according to the surgery industry, specializing in the guiding ideology, focused on marketing, human, financial disclosure lesson, "the International Registration of senior marketing and management division," Certification Training and Corporate Training. The establishment of less than three years for more than 500 large and medium-sized enterprises, has provided management training services to obtain a high degree of recognition and praise of the relevant business units, known as the rising star of vocational training.


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