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Classification of the Enterprise Management Consulting

According to different business problems, we have general management consulting content in the following categories:

First, the strategic consulting
The strategy is the fundamental business. In today's business community, the enterprise in order to adapt to changes in the external environment, must be timely and accurate grasp of market dynamics, rapid take corresponding measures. Make such a choice is the strategic decision-making. Of modern enterprise management has shifted the focus of the management, operation of the shift to strategic decision-making. Western entrepreneurs, said the current era is the era of "strategic victory". Thus, business strategy consulting first important position in modern management consulting. Corporate strategy needed to answer the question often include: How will we market competition, to maintain our competitive edge? How will we find new profit growth point? How will we continue to increase customer value?

Strategic consulting is a strong policy-oriented service activities. Moreover, it is to predict the future of the enterprise environment change, indicating the direction of the business activities of enterprises. Therefore, a strategic consulting project is to explore, the proposed scheme is at risk.

Business strategy is not to imitate others, to be successful must be original. Consultant's proposal must be analysis of the key issues affecting the development of enterprises, analyzing its essence, really made is visionary, new ideas and practical significance.

Only strategy is to write on paper what they are. Develop strategies to fully consider the client's implementation of the strategy, the strategy will be implemented, it is necessary. No one strategy is permanent, the market environment for the rapid pace of change means that the formation and testing of the strategy must be an ongoing process. Therefore, the consultant must not only ensure the smooth implementation of counseling programs to a certain extent, but also to help develop customer strategies ability to adapt to new opportunities and pressures.

Second, the financial advisory
Corporate finance consulting, financial management experts, in-depth business scene investigation, start looking for weak links, in-depth analysis of the influence of these indicators of financial and managerial factors, and identify key economic indicators from the comprehensive reflection of the company's financial management factor. Then, according to the company's strategic financial management requirements and the company's actual situation, the proposed improvements and guide the implementation of a series of activities.

Financial advisory services focus on collecting information, correct and objective evaluation of financial advice on the production operating results and financial position, in order to understand the status of the enterprises in the market competition in the same industry. The financial results of the consultation will provide enterprise management consulting in the right direction and goals. Can not be ignored, financial advice, from a different perspective to the introduction of the new concept of financial management, technology and methods, so as to continuously improve the level of financial management capacity and financial management.

Third, the marketing consulting
Marketing Consulting is a consultant to the use of marketing theory and methods, the status of the in-depth investigation and analysis of enterprise marketing environment and marketing activities, which found that enterprises are facing the risk of threats, recession crisis, and enterprise development, market opportunities, and help enterprises solve the existing problems, improvement and innovation in the business of marketing activities, so that enterprises are better able to avoid risk, to meet the challenges, overcome the recession and seize and create market opportunities, encourage enterprises to achieve rapid, sustained prosperity and development and consulting.

The value of products from various industries, uses, use, and various product life cycle and its different stages, the motives and habits of consumers to buy different products vary. Different industries, the business of marketing will be quite different. Business to survive in the market place, it can not be separated from the contest with competitors. Marketing consultant to work on competitive strategy and strategy for enterprise development to be able to overcome the reality of competitors and potential competitors, the invincible.

Fourth, human resources consulting
Under the conditions of market economy, human resources are the most valuable strategic resource is the most important material basis for survival and development of enterprises in the competition, It is an important basis for corporate strategy, is the anchor of the implementation of corporate strategy.

Human Resource Consulting is the use of human resources development and management theory and methods, analysis of corporate human resources development and management, to identify weak links and improvements could be made to promote the correct and effective human resource development and rational, scientific management human resources for enterprises to create sustainable competitive.

Consultation include: human resources management training, human resources management consulting, human resources outsourcing of functions, dispatch services, human information technology solutions program, headhunting and other intellectual consulting services for corporate human resources management consulting sector.

Fifth, corporate culture consulting
Corporate culture consulting is clear the organization's key success factors (KSF), the clear industry value-driven elements to form a common belief within the organization and guide the actions of a unified, clear, clear organization's core value system that the system of corporate culture, based on a unified core value system, beliefs shape the organization's brand and integrate intangible assets, based unified core value system, improve the organization's policies and systems to effectively enhance the efficiency of organizational operational synergies to achieve the sustainable development of the organization.

Provide enterprises with the corporate culture of personalized consulting services in the following areas:

A. Organizational culture System.

Two. Organizational culture systems management.

3. Organization of training of the cultural system.

Corporate culture consulting services target

1, the unity of thinking, the human resources to, to create excellent team

2, effectively enhance the management capacity and the quality of management

3, effectively enhance the performance and operational efficiency

4 to construct the system of corporate culture with a strong competitive

5, design corporate visual identity system

6, strong shape corporate image, to highlight the brand value

7, the establishment of the learning organization, cultural management

8, a clear key code of conduct to regulate employee behavior

9, match the corporate strategy

10, improve the basic policy and institutional

11 knowledge management

12, full of corporate vision, mission, core values, the concept of a high degree of cognitive, recognition, identity, recognition line

13, reaching the value of employees and the enterprise value of harmony and unity

14, the corporate culture to take root, rooting to the employee's behavior

15, the corporate culture assessment, and maintain a corporate culture of the times

16, the formation of a strong corporate culture, the formation of the core competitiveness of enterprises. 

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