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The history of the development of the management consulting industry

A, Europe and the United States the history of the development of the management consulting industry
Management consulting to help businesses and entrepreneurs, to solve the problems of management and operation to identify and seize new opportunities, reinforcement learning and implementing change to achieve the business goals of an independent, professional consulting services. It is by the experts has a wealth of management expertise and experience into the corporate scene, close coordination and business management personnel, using various scientific methods to identify the main problems in the operation and management, quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify produce the cause of the problem and put forward practical improvement plan and guide the implementation of the solid development of the enterprise in order to seek a way to improve the business management of the service activities. Its mandate:

First, to help businesses find the main issues on the production and operation management, identify the causes and to develop practical improvement programs;

Guidance to improve implementation of the program;

Third, to teach the theory and scientific methods of management, and training of enterprise management cadres at all levels to improve the quality of the enterprise fundamentally.

Due to the forces of national culture, language and culture, stage of development of the management consulting and other conditions different, the concept of representation of management consulting is not the same. The definition of the British Institute of Management Consulting: management consulting independent qualified individual or the majority of people in the identification and investigation of a service provided by the policies, institutions, procedures and methods, they proposed to take appropriate action recommendations and assist in the implementation of these recommendations. the business management of the Harvard Encyclopedia of the definition: "the implementation of the exact diagnosis of the cause of the present camp, and then changes in the operating environment, establishing the basic principle concerning the future business structure of the existing undertakings the principle according to the principle of planning and effective implementation of the famous Japanese business scientists accounted for the Department of the United States in the "Dictionary of Business Administration", to the definition of management consulting: the so-called business diagnosis, refers to the companies surveyed actual operating condition, the diagnosis of operating issues, put forward specific recommendations for improvement, or to give guidance to improve the implementation of the recommendations on this basis. "

The management consulting industry was first developed from the United States. When it appeared in the late 19th century, the focus on solving some of the basic problems in production management. German consulting industry began in the 1950s, the advisory body has been various forms of 9680. After entering the 1980s, the Western management consulting industry has undergone significant changes. Management consulting approach continuous improvement, constantly improving the quality of consulting services, management consulting is no longer just offer advice, but often help customers implement the advice. In particular, many large consulting firm is actively committed to the global organization of construction and development of new markets. In the late 1980s, Europe and the United States and the management consulting industry growth rate of 20-30% per year, the global management consulting industry in 1995 annual revenues exceeding $ 50 billion. After entering the 1990s, the strategic consulting needs substantial growth, which is generally due to the modern enterprise management mode by management to strategic management, development of competitive strategy, the implementation of strategic planning has become the most important elements of the enterprise management.

The management consulting industry is one of the industry in recent years, rapid development of the world, its influence penetrated into many areas of political and economic life. At present, the world's top 500 enterprises have about 50 percent of the company has a well-known international consulting firm long-term cooperation. AT & T Inc., the U.S. consulting firm of more than 1,000 of its all-round, multi-level consulting, investment advisory fees each year up to over three hundred million U.S. dollars. In Germany, the consulting industry is the fastest-growing German economy, the most stable of the modern industrial sector, its annual growth rate is much higher than the annual growth rate of the German national economy has become an integral part of socio-economic system in Germany. The tentacles of the consultation and stretch the people daily in all aspects of all advisory services, including health care, culture and entertainment, education, job. Many and the whole contents of the consultation, both production and management consulting, strategic consulting, management consulting method.

In order to meet the requirements of the 21st century enterprise customers, competition and change "is characterized by the external environment and the new" electronic commerce "mode of operation for enterprises to achieve a revolution in management philosophy, management, transformation of mode of restructuring and management tools to provide professional consultant service, committed to the development of modern consulting industry, the management consulting industry is committed to bringing the most advanced management ideas, the combination of management mode and modern IT techniques, to provide consultancy services for enterprise-wide systematic management renovation project.

Two, the course of development of the consulting industry in China
The management consulting industry in China is to learn from Japan and the United States and Europe Enterprise Management Consulting theory, methods and experience developed. With the development of China's reform and opening-up process, the early 1980s, China's consulting industry came into being. Looking at the past two decades of development of the consulting industry in China, Henan human resources that can mainly be divided into the following phases:

1, government-run consulting industry in the eighties

The consulting industry in China originated in the first government founded the consulting company, mainly in the field of investment, technology and financial advisory. In order to adjust effectively the country's industrial structure, resolve bottlenecks industry and to establish a rational price system, the former State Planning Commission in the country founded the investment advisory and construction engineering consulting company, in order to achieve national investment decisions more scientific and engineering construction rationalization; society to promote social enterprise financial and accounting consulting, accounting, audit, evaluation in order to promote scientific and technological achievements, the founder of the former State Science and Technology Commission and the China Association for Science in the country and support a number of "science and technology consulting enterprise; disintermediation, the national financial systems around the creation of a "financial and accounting consulting" companies and accounting firms ".

2, and 1990s the first half of the information consulting industry

The information consulting industry in the 1980s, non-standard and non-market-oriented, but it appears to allow people to realize the value of information. With the 1990s, China's economy to market-oriented development, a number of foreign and domestic private "information consulting companies and market research companies began to emerge in the process of market economy, and provide standardized consulting services. Early demand for the information consulting industry from foreign-funded enterprises and part of the joint venture. After about five years time, the part of the operation according to the laws of the market information company stand out, such as "Horizon Research", "Gallup (China) Consulting," South China international market research, "HC information, Hao Chen Business ". This information consulting and market research company to win the market with its high-quality professional services, and a firm foothold in the competition.

3, half of the nineties, the management consulting industry

The early 1990s, information consulting industry in China began to enter the initial stage of development, the management consulting industry is still in the early stage of development. The most typical is the early "ideas company", "planning company. Is probably the 1992 Ho Yang a "idea" to sell 40 million media storm, combined with the "ideas company" followed by several best-selling book publicity "idea", so that the name of the first consultation really fire for a while. However, the management consulting industry and meteor falling "ideas company" linked, this is a misunderstanding. A culture may emerge several "ideas", Management Consulting is a typical knowledge-based industries.

To the mid-1990s as the maturing of China's market economy, market competition becomes more intense, a large number of foreign management consulting firm to enter China's market, the management consulting industry in China started to develop. From the management consulting industry said goodbye to the era of the "ideas" into the professional development stage. The late 1990s, part of the domestic management companies began to emerge in the market, such as "Han Consulting, Shanghai vision known as" far Zhuo Strategy, "Pinnacle Marketing Pilot Marketing", "Broadcom Jingwei ".

At present, China's enterprise management consulting industry is developing rapidly. Excellent management consulting firm in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, to seriously study the excellent foreign consulting firm consulting experience with the program, combined with the professional advantages of their own business, and the formation of a consultative approach in line with the reality of the Chinese consulting firm. After unremitting efforts to market to expand, these companies have been through a difficult period of entrepreneurial consulting practice has gradually won the trust of customers.

The consulting industry is a product of the development of market economy, market competition is more intense, the greater the demand for the consulting industry. It can be said that the market economy is the external environment and basic survival and development of the consulting industry. As China's market economy continues to mature and develop, can be predicted that the consulting industry will be the twenty-first century, the most promising sunrise industry. 

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